Coaching Athletes | The Olympics

Coaching athletes for the Olympics is one of the jobs that call for a lot of confidence, flexibility and decisiveness. A trainer should open and ready to explore new skills of doing things. The trainer should also check on the effect of their actions, thoughts and feelings to the performance of the team. A good trainer is recognized by the performance of the athletes.

It is not easy to succeed in these competitions, but some of the key factors that may make it easy to succeed are athlete self awareness. The athlete should have a high esteem that he or she can make it, and at the same time, overconfidence is a pitfall thus they must balance the two concepts. A good relationship between the coach and the athlete is also crucial Coaching.

There are trainers who learn fast while others are slow learners. The coach should know how to deal with all of them. There are also others who have a poor memory before they understand a concept it will take them more lessons than those required.

The training environment should also be conducive for the team to achieve good results. The training ground should have enough space, and it should be of similar standards than the one that the competition will be held. It is better to train in a field with lower standards than one with higher standards. This is because if the trainees find the field they are going to use is of lower standards their morale is likely to go down.


The training grounds should also have all facilities as recommended by the trainer. Proper facilities boost the morale of the trainees as well as that of the trainer. The climatic conditions should also correspond to those that they are likely to get in the field where they are going to exercise. It is unreasonable to exercise in an area which is experiencing its winter while the competitions will be held in the summer.

The other issue is the management in every country there is a ministry that deals with issues. They should employ a body with a staff who have high integrity. This body should respond to any grievances that are raised by either the trainers all the trainees.

Most companies help by buying the team the facilities that they may be inadequate. There should also be proper human resource management who should ensure that everything is running smoothly. Coaching athletes for the Olympics is a role that requires a lot of cooperation from all the people who are involved.

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